Landgrace ceramic Pvt. Ltd. unravels the masterpieces in tiles texture and designs in the series of RUSTIC, MATT, SATIN and GLOSSY.

  • Rustic creates an avenue of being close to the raw beauty which gives your interiors a graceful look. Choose from a wide range of Rustic tiles to give your imagination an edge.

  • Matt signifies an effect of longitivity and durability, the features that will keep your interiors in vogue always. Explore the many hues and patterns of matt tiles in our portfolio which you will not find anywhere else.

  • Satin signifies a sensation of softness with a feeling of sophistication. Select from the vivid display of Satin collection to wrap up your interiors in new definitions of beauty.

  • Glossy reflects the glamour which you carry with your persona. Our portfolio for the glossy collection showcases the various dimensions of sheen, luster and gleam giving your interiors a celebrity status.